Is CBD A Scam?

There are countless claims, articles, testimonies and many millions of words spent on whether or not CBD actually works, or if it is a scam, a snake oil of the 21st century, if you will. There are a lot of competing interests here as well as good science and bad science, all fighting for attention. Let's try and clear it all up and make it easy to understand, shall we?

Why is CBD so popular

“Chronic inflammation is the root cause of nearly 50% of all deaths as referenced in this medical journal and broken down here by the Washington Post.”

Why is CBD so popular?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one compound found in hemp cannabis plants, which are federally legal to grow thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill and legal to put into dietary supplements, thanks to the FDA ruling in 2020. Read more about how and why CBD is legal in the US and in your state here. CBD is growing rapidly in daily usage around the country and the world due to its perceived impacts on holistic health, specifically in the area of inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the root cause of nearly 50% of all deaths as referenced in this medical journal and broken down here by the Washington Post.

It is clear then, why so many people are looking at CBD seriously for long-term inflammation control. Where things start to go wonky here is that CBD is one of many compounds in the plant that have myriad effects on people, through our endocannabinoid system. There are hundreds of other cannabinoids (these are molecules that come from the cannabis plant) that can do different things separately and have a collective benefit when used together, sometimes referred to as the "Entourage Effect." 

When you combine the fact that our bodies were designed to accept and use the compounds found in the cannabis plant for many things, from inflammation reduction, to homeostasis control, even to mood balance, you start to understand the complexity of the issue when it comes to how everyone uses the plant vs. what are they actually taking (specific makeup of the compounds they are consuming, and how they are consuming them) CBD.

How ou Use CBD Impacts Your Outcome
how cbd impacts your system

CBD is taken through many different delivery mechanisms. Whether that be a tincture that is meant to be used as CBD mouth drops, also know as CBD oil oral drops that are taken sublingually under the tongue, or they could be in the form of a capsule, such as softgels. They can also come in various forms of bioavailability, such as differing particle sizes to increase absorption into the blood stream. This is where you get into the science of particle size, where things like micron and nanometer start to pop up. Understanding the bioavailability difference in efficacy across these spectrums can also make a difference in your experience using CBD and whether you come away with better health outcomes, or seeing the entire industry as a scam.

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    How much CBD do you use (daily dosage/consumption)?

    Do you take 10mg per day, 50mg, 100mg? Is it full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolates? the more cannabinoids you consume and at higher doses, the longer the compounds will be present in your system.

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    How often do you take CBD?

    Do you take CBD once in a while when you need it or do you use it daily to ensure long term benefits through compounding effects? Longstanding use will take longer for it to clear your system as more has built up over time. This is generally regarded as a good thing as it helps the body decrease inflammation and prevent chronic issues.

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    What is your body type?

    The greater your body mass, the more space there is for the compounds to spread out and lack targeted efficacy. Essentially, this means that the larger you are, the more CBD you need to achieve your outcomes and the longer it will then stay in your system.

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    What is your diet like, specifically food intake?

    If you eat a diet high in inflammation inducing foods, such as carbohydrates and sugar, this will impact the effect and efficacy of cannabinoids on you system and will likely lead to less of the compounds being present in your system for longer periods as your body will go through it quicker trying to counter the effects of the food and drinks you are consuming that are harming you.

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    What is your method of consumption?

    Do you take a high quality custom product like Botan, or are you buying off Amazon and just consuming hemp seed oil (if it says it has thousands of milligram of Hemp, it is referring to hemp seed oil and does not actually contain and active cannabinoid compounds)? Are you taking CBD oil drops by mouth? Are you taking a higher bioavailability delivery mechanism like nano CBD softgel capsules?

All of these things impact your experience. Please make sure you source from a highly reputable company, not one on Amazon as Amazon still prohibits the selling of CBD products. Everything on Amazon is currently a marketing scam using hemp seed oil with no active cannabinoid compounds. This is obviously not helpful in addressing this issue in the industry as so many people think Amazon can be trusted, not realizing they are being duped by label marketing games.

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