How To Buy CBD Online

If you want to buy CBD Mouth Drops or other products online, there are a lot of ways to do it—and we'll get into those in a minute. But first, let's talk about what you should be looking for when buying CBD products online.

You probably already know that there are tons of different brands out there claiming to have the best quality products... but how do you know which one is actually telling the truth? We've done some research and can tell you exactly what to look for when buying CBD online:

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Is The CBD Website Secure?

1. Is the company selling its products in a safe and secure way? A lot of people make their purchases through an online store like Amazon (not a good idea as Amazon outlaws products with actual CBD in them - everything there just contains hemp seed oil), or through a direct to consumer website. If your chosen retailer is selling its products through these kinds of platforms, it is likely they are above board when it comes to taking orders, processing your payment in a secure way and ensuring delivery through the USPS or UPS.

Are The CBD Products Safe?

2. When it comes to product quality assurance, this is where things get tricky. it Ensuring they're following all industry standards regarding safety, security, and privacy, spend a little more time and check the bottom of their site for policies, actually read through them. Double check that they have a COA page (like ours here) where you can quickly and easily verify that the products they are selling have been checked by a third party registered lab to ensure the contain the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids that they claim.

Is the CBD Product Guaranteed??

3. Are they willing to offer a guarantee? A good company will always stand behind their product with a money-back guarantee or some sort of refund policy if something goes wrong with your purchase.

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Are They Easy to Contact?

4. Do they make it easy to contact them if you have an issue? Live chat on their website? Phone number to call? Contact form that is responsive? Email with a real person's name attached it, like Carrie, our Chief Happiness Officer who manages our email address and is always responsive to our customers. 

Is The CBD Affordable?

5. Once you have done these things, double check reviews from vetted buyers. If the product works but tastes terrible or smells terrible, you likely won't use it, so choose a brand (like ours) that prioritizes those things with as much importance as the efficacy and quality of the product. Finally, make sure they have a healthy discount on the subscription for monthly renewals. If the products work the way we know these products work, you will want an affordable option for a long time so don't choose a brand you can't afford to buy every month.

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