CBD Third Party Lab Reports & COAs

If you've ever looked into the benefits of CBD, you've probably heard people mention lab reports and COAs (certificates of analysis).

But what are they? Why are they important? And how can you read one to know if your CBD is safe?

Lab reports are reports from a laboratory that tests the purity and potency of a product, and COAs are certificates that show the results of those tests. They're essential for any consumer who wants to make sure their product is safe and effective.

For example, let's say you buy some CBD oil from a local store. A lab report would tell you exactly what's in the oil—how many milligrams of cannabidiol it contains, as well as other cannabinoids. It would also include information about any residual solvents or pesticides used during production. This way you can be sure that your CBD oil won't cause any problems for you or your family members!

In addition to guaranteeing its safety, lab reports provide proof that the product is authentic. If it doesn't have one—or if it doesn't include all pertinent information—you might be buying an inferior product or even one that isn't really CBD at all!

All Lab Reports and COAs for our products can be found on this page.

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