The Botan Difference:

We want to change lives, not create some big profit grab. Prefer a company that’s grown in Colorado or Europe? Just contact us and we will share some knowledge on companies that we’d also trust as a consumer. We are passionate about health and wellness, but mainly about transparency and being as honest as possible about what’s in our products and how we product a quality product for you.  

We ensure that our production is done in a way that is not harmful or degrading to the land. We are dedicated to sustainable, organic farming practices in order to provide you with the purest, plant-based botanical extracts – the way nature intended. All of our products are sourced from the foothills of the bluegrass region in Kentucky

At botanCBD, we believe we have the finest Kentucky grown hemp products on the market. But lots of other states and regions grow great hemp as well. Each region is unique and hemp crops vary in many ways, even each growing season, allowing for different experiences for every plant and every person. Think wine and coffee. The soil, sun, even amount of rainfall and how closely the plants are grown together all factor into the end product. So, naturally, you may want to try oils form lots of different regions!

All of our products contain the best available cannabinoids that the world's purest hemp can provide, along with 40+ naturally present terpenes and phytocannabinoids. Most of our CBD products contain ZERO THC and others, less than 0.3% THC. We only use 100% natural, non-GMO organic ingredients in our products and work hard to ensure a 95% bioavailability across all product lines for industry leading absorption and efficacy.

We have a very strict internal quality assurance system, and we also have certified third party laboratories analyze the hemp-CBD oil for THC, cannabidiol potency, heavy metals, bacterial and microbials, mycotoxins (fungal), and pesticides.

Yes. All of our finished products are manufactured in a cGMP and ISO certified facility that is registered with the FDA and routinely inspected and audited by the respective certification organizations.

 Yes. All of our raw materials and finished products are analyzed by independent third party laboratories, as well as our in-house quality assurance staff. We do maintain extensive COA report records and post COAs on our product pages under the 3rd Party Testing tab.