January 24, 2019 2 min read

I was in my final year at university and graduation was right around the corner. It was time to start thinking about my final research project. The head of the chemistry department happened to have an opening in the medicinal chemistry research sector. This grant was funded by the state, and it involved synthesizing synthetic cannabinoids.

I began researching cannabinoids and their effects instantly. We all know about THC and its effects, but I wanted to know more about the other cannabinoids. I instantly became infatuated with the research.

I never realized the potential benefits of cannabinoids due to the lack of research available. Once I realized the therapeutic potential, I committed myself to this industry. I became committed before I was even hired in the industry.

Through my research, I came across Raphael Mechoulam. This rockstar is known as the father of cannabis. Raphael conducted a clinical trial with CBD 35 years ago. The clinical trial showed impressive results in treating patients with reoccurring seizures. My heart broke for the parents whose children suffered from seizures, sometimes daily, and the lack of treatments available. Seeing the hope and relief that this first trial gave to them was the reason why I wanted to pursue this research and help advance the CBD industry.

However, my first job out of college didn’t align with this vision. I took a job working at a rubber purification plant and while it gave me valuable experience, I knew I had to get out of there and pursue my passions. I read almost every research paper about cannabis while I worked at the plant. I ended up changing jobs and started interning at a cannabis consulting company.

Listen to Finn explain part of one of our processes:


Now being in the hemp industry years later, I hear about patients every day who no longer need particular medications or suffer from a particular ailment. They tell me things like their chronic pain is gone, their GI issue has subsided, or their grandmother with cancer can finally sit up. I love hearing stories like this.

Knowing the positive effects of a product that I produce gives me energy and so much joy. It makes me excited to work every day.

I make a product that positively influences people’s lives. I often get bogged down by the rush of the production and forget what I’m actually doing. I’m actually making a product that helps make people’s lives better. I couldn’t ask for a better job.


peace, love and hope,

Master Chemist, botanCBD