December 26, 2018 2 min read

We don't spend big money to advertise.

Our founders made a conscious business and ethical decision to operate that way. Why charge customers more who need the amazing benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) products, just so we can busy ourselves with undoing the soiled reputation of CBD because lousy CBD companies provide either untested, low quality products or some get-rich pyramid scheme??

We’re disgusted by both approaches because they take advantage of people. As far as we are concerned, if you aren't in the CBD business to help people, you aren't in it for the right reasons.

But what about the quality of your CBD products?

We offer the same or better quality oils found in the most expensive blue bottles in the industry at a much lower price because we are vertically integrated from the farm all the way to you. Less middle men means higher quality control and less markup. In other words, less overhead for us means lower prices for you. 

We do this because we have sons and daughters, aunts and uncles, and friends and relatives who struggle with real pain, and we can and will help them. We want to change lives, not create some big profit grab or build an army of "Mine is best!" Facebook commenters. 

Real people with real stories need real hope. That is our “why.” It's why we're meticulous in our quality control and processes; why we're so fanatical about customer service and your experience with our company; and it is why we refuse to spend your hard-earned money on empty, garden-variety advertising.

You matter more to us than market share or profit. You.

If you think we are full of it, that's fine. If you want to know more or complain about something, our co-founder's cell number is 513-808-1437. Fire away. Just please try to text only after 8pm EST as he has four young kids with early bed times.

In the end, how you experience the benefits of our products and how we interact with you once you buy from us is far more important to us than social media comments or drive-by opinions. Hence, no advertising.

In fact, just for reading this whole post, I’ll give you a 25% off code to use on your next order. Type in FEELIN at checkout, and we will see you on the customer side soon.

Peace, Love & Hope,
cofounder, cmo