July 18, 2019 2 min read

As a proud Ohio company, we are thrilled to see our state government pass legislation to mirror the 2018 Federal Farm Bill passed in December of last year that fully legalizes all CBD and Hemp products in the state of Ohio. What this means for Ohioans, no more "gray areas" around owning, buying, or possessing CBD products made from Hemp. 

This is big news for Ohio and opens the door to many more people getting access to these life-improving products through their chiropractors, holistic health coaches, integrative wellness clinics, online and retail stores. We are already proud to partner with many Ohio health professionals in offering wholesale and private label products and look forward to continuing our mission to serve the great state of Ohio and beyond with the world's finest hemp and CBD products. 

You can read the full summary of the bill that passed here, but here are the highlights:

  • Decriminalizes hemp and hemp products by excluding them from the definition of marijuana that is used to enforce controlled substance laws.

  • Prohibits the State Board of Pharmacy from listing hemp or hemp products as controlled substances.

  • Requires the Director of Agriculture, in consultation with the Governor and Attorney General, to submit a plan to regulate hemp cultivation to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture for approval, in accordance with federal law.

  • Requires the Director of Agriculture to establish a Hemp Cultivation and Processing Program (Program) to monitor and regulate hemp cultivation and the processing of hemp to produce cannabidiol.

  • Requires the Director to issue hemp cultivation licenses and hemp processing licenses.

  • Requires the Director, in consultation with the Governor and the Attorney General, to adopt rules establishing standards and procedures for the Program that comply with federal law.

  • Establishes prohibitions, procedures, criminal penalties, and additional enforcement mechanisms to enforce the Program and rules adopted under it.

  • Establishes in the state treasury the Hemp Program Fund, which must be used to administer and enforce the Program.

  • Establishes a Hemp Marketing Program.

If you have questions about the legislation or how to become a wholesale account or have your own branded products created for you, we are happy to discuss these things with you. Contact luci@botancbd.com for more info.

If you want your local chiropractor or doctors office to start carrying our products, we can send information and samples to them if they are interested. You can also email luci@botancbd.com for that as well.

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