Baseline Health Monthly CBD Wellness Regimen
Baseline Health Monthly CBD Wellness RegimenBaseline Health Monthly CBD Wellness RegimenBaseline Health Monthly CBD Wellness RegimenBaseline Health Monthly CBD Wellness RegimenBaseline Health Monthly CBD Wellness Regimen
  • Boosts Holistic Wellness & Baseline Health

  • Automatic Monthly Delivery Saves You 20%

  • Organic, pure & optimized for rapid absorption

  • Broad-Spectrum, THC Free, Hemp CBD Extract

  • Pharmaceutical Grade - Small Batch Handcrafted

  • 400+ Phytonutrients & Amino Acids To Maximize Potency & Bioavailability

  • Verified 3rd Party Lab Tested Cert. of Analysis

  • Detail

One month supply of 250mg CBD oil & 30 capsules (1/Day)

This is our baseline health subscribe and save monthly supplement package. It includes a bottle of our 250mg oil and a 30ct bottle of our Extended Release Capsules. This is great for those who are looking for a daily CBD regimen to increase holistic wellness and improve homeostasis through their endocannabinoid system.

This monthly subscribe and save package is made up of high-potency broad-spectrum, THC free pure CBD oil and our full spectrum nanoemulsion Extended Release Capsules. Our unique scientific approach allows us to harness all of the cannabinoids of a typical full spectrum oil for the entourage and synergistic effects, but without the higher levels of 0.3% THC. We are unique in this way and are proud of what our scientists have accomplished to bring the best out of our organic hemp to benefit you. 

 This is not your industry standard THC Free oil. Most oils are made from isolate, not extract. The 2015 study from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem showed us that oils made with isolate are not as effective as full spectrum/broad spectrum oils. Because of this, we know our phytocannabinoid rich broad spectrum oils are the most potent and effective oils on the market. 

This pure and natural hemp oil extract contains 0.0% THC and a non-GMO Certified Organic MCT oil with 95% bioavailability for quick and maximum absorption. Great for both long time benefactors and new users of CBD, our hemp oil tinctures include a calibrated dropper so you can carefully measure each dose. All of our tinctures are both in-house and third-party tested for purity and quality, and only include ingredients that are produced using sustainable organic farming practices. 

Each tincture is internally microbatched and 3rd party lab-tested for quality and purity, and only contains ingredients that are produced through organic farming practices. Each bottle includes a calibrated dropper so you can safely and carefully administer the dosage that's best for you. 

You deserve to feel the difference of a hand-grown, hand-crafted CBD, a CBD with a soul, made #thebotanway.



ProVerde Laboratories are committed to providing high quality analysis with as little impact to the environment as possible. At ProVerde, we think green, and this applies to our technical methodology as well. Our goal is to ensure the most accurate results using the greenest technology, generating hundreds of times less hazardous waste and consuming less energy.

Cannabinoid Analysis (Ultra-Performance Convergence Chromatography) 

Pesticide Analysis (Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography) 

Heavy Metal & Elemental Analysis (Inductively-Coupled Plasma - Mass Spec) 

Terpene/Residual Solvent/VOC Analysis (Gas Chromatography - FID/MS) 

Mycotoxin Analysis (Immuno-Affinity Fluorometric Assay) 

Microbiological Analysis (Automated MPN, Enzyme-Linked Fluorescence Assay) 

Strain Genetic Identification (Solid-Phase Resversible Imobilization DNA Extraction)

Laboratory testing is one of the vital platform technologies in the hemp and CBD marketplaces and must become standardized, consistent, and robust in order to maintain the long term health of the cannabis industry. From its inception, ProVerde Labs’ mission has been to facilitate an industry-wide mandate that organic industrial hemp adhere to the same standards as other food and drug markets. A diverse array of assays and state-of-the-art, FDA-compliant lab equipment enables the Company to accurately test cannabis in accordance with Good Lab Practices.


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If you have any questions or suggestions about our Shipping and Returns Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at 513-696-9255 or at

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