You are our story.

Everything about our products, from the fields of Kentucky where our farmers grow the hemp, to the facility that processes it to the final bottling and customer service matter to us, because they matter to you and your health.


Real people with real stories need real hope. That is our “why.” It's why were are meticulous in our quality control and processes; why we are so fanatical about customer service and your experience with our company; and it is why we refuse to spend your hard-earned money on empty, garden-variety advertising. 

We offer the same or better quality oils found in the most expensive blue bottles in the industry at a much lower price because we are vertically integrated from the farm all the way to you. We do this because we have sons and daughters, aunts and uncles, and friends and relatives who struggle with real pain, and we can and will help them. We want to change lives, not create some big profit grab or build an army of "Mine is best!" Facebook commenters.


botanCBD is rooted in the foothills of the blue grass region with access to some of the most fertile land in Kentucky, if not the country. Once renowned for hemp production, the nutrient-rich soils and ample sunlight of the blue grass mountain region provide the perfect climate for the hemp plant to thrive abundantly - this is the inspiration behind the “BOTAN(ical)” brand. 

As a company, we are dedicated to sustainable, organic farming practices, priding ourselves in purchasing the highest quality raw hemp material to produce the purest, plant-based botanical extracts. We are committed to our farm partners, and to the advancement and growth of the domestic hemp industry.Our partners, combined with our exclusive processing and production methods, are the foundation of all botanCBD products. We believe the nourishment of the "soil, seed, and sower" are the key to creating a consistent, pure grade product, followed by a clean and sustainable extraction process. 


The botanCBD core proprietary process combines multiple extraction procedures, clean transfer protocols, advanced distillation, and routine quality control testing to provide our customers with pharmaceutical grade hemp products such as, but not limited to, cannabinoid distillates, isolated terpenes, and CBD extracts without THC. Our laboratory professionals use state-of- the-art equipment, while keeping up to date with clean extraction procedures, performing all operations in designated clean rooms to produce medical grade hemp products. 

The botanCBD team takes pride in our abilities to provide a myriad of cannabinoid/terpene concentrates to our customers without the stress of questionable product purity. All material is third party tested and recorded in our own lab for purity and contaminants such as mold, fungus, and pesticides, using multiple techniques, before processing, after extraction, and after refinement before product packaging. 

We value providing our customers with not only the best hemp products available, but also a confident professional relationship offering advice and translation of quality test results, which are available to our customers upon request.


By ensuring all of our products are derived from the best, organic cannabinoid-rich raw hemp material, we ensure that we are producing the best bulk extracts and CBD products available on the market today.

Starting small and adding products with intentionality and based on our customer's needs is how we are choosing to scale responsibly. This helps us keep our overhead low which allows us to keep our prices low and our quality above industry standards.

Just as important as the actual product, is your experience with that product and us. We utilize the best customer service agents available, the owners of the company, to provide customer support. You will never have to escalate an issue to a manager or wait for a decision on anything. The people you can chat with on our site, are the people who run the company. We view your experience when you purchase from us as the foundation of the start of a relationship. The beginning of something great, for both of us.

If you want inner peace, find it in solitude … if you would find yourself, look to the land from which you came.

- Stewart Udall